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Cot Mattress Protectors

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Cot Mattress Protectors
Why does a cot need a mattress protector?
Without a protector a mattress can become damp and stained as a result of a leaking nappy, dribble, spilt drinks and perspiration. This dampness encourages the growth of mould and bacteria. You can't wash the mattress in a washing machine and either high temperatures or chemicals are needed to destroy this bacteria. Even if the mattress itself wash waterproof and wipeable, without these high temperatures or chemicals you can never be certain that the mattress is really clean.
If this bacteria and mould is left to develop it can become an unhealthy environment for baby to sleep in.
The other reason that you must have a mattress protector is due to dust mites. These tiny creatures are present in all of our homes. They are called dust mites because they are found in areas where dust collects and remains undisturbed. They feed on the tiny particles of skin that we shed as we move around, but only after it has been broken down by moisture and bacteria.
A mattress is the ideal habitat for a dust mite. Without a dust mite proof protector, these tiny particles of skin pass through the sheets and into the mattress where moisture and bacteria then create perfect conditions for dust mites to breed. It only takes a couple of months for a mattress to become colonised by thousands of dust mites. The idea of dust mites living in our mattresses is unpleasant enough but dust mites are also known to be responsible for the onset of asthma, eczema and allergies in some children.
Our cot and cot bed mattress protectors are specifically designed to alleviate all of these issues. They are in a fitted sheet style for ease of fitting and removal. The upper surface is a deep pile cotton rich terry towelling that is very absorbent. This absorbency means that moisture and liquids are soaked away into the upper surface which allows it to evaporate away from the body quickly.
On the underside of this is an ultrafine waterproof membrane. This stops any liquids from passing through to the mattress but is breathable and quiet in use to ensure that baby is unaware of the protector even being there. This membrane is also dust mite proof to stop dust mites and their waste products from reaching baby and also stopping food and moisture from reaching the dust mites. This protector actually eliminates dust mites in the mattress by cutting off their food source.
If the protector becomes wet or dirty just pop it in the wash at temperatures up to 90c which kills bacteria and dust mites and then tumble dry and put back on the mattress. Some mums use two at a time then when the top one gets wet, it can be quickly removed leaving the clean dry one underneath.
Our cot mattress protectors also make a great gift for a new mum or mum to be.
'SnugNights Nursery' Undetectable, quiet, comfortable. Dust mite Proof, Suitable during toilet training. Soft absorbent 100% cotton terry laminated to breathable, comfortable, waterproof polyurethane. Protects the mattress from stains and dampness and protects baby from bacteria and dust mites in the mattress

•Waterproof cot mattress protectiors.
•Machine washable
•Dust Mite Proof
•Protects cot mattress from staining
•Protects baby from bacteria and dust mites
•Awarded prestigious European Oeko-Tex 100 'products suitable for babies
•Machine wash at temperatures up tp 90°c for total hygiene
•Simple to fit with elasticated sides

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