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Waterproof Mattress Protectors & Covers

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Waterproof Mattress Protectors & Covers
The following all provide waterproof bedding protection for your mattress. If you require a non waterproof mattress protector or cover then please click here otherwise please read on.
The ranges available are as follows.
  • 'Basics' is our economy waterproof range, an entry level simple yet effective waterproof mattress protector made from polypropylene.

  • 'Care' is the next one in the range and is one step up from the 'Basics' protector and has a towelling upper surface with a waterproof pvc backing.

  • 'Allergon' is our best selling waterproof mattress protector range the upper surface is a softer thicker, more absorbent terry and instead of a pvc underside it has polyurethane which is virtually undetectable in use and makes it the most comfortable waterproof mattress protector.

  • 'Allergon+' is next, this is just the same as Allergon but with extra waterproofing down the sides for added protection.

  • The Waterproof Zip on Mattress Covers totally encases the mattress in a waterproof cover for complete protection.
Click on the images below for more information, available sizes and prices.
If for any reason none of these meet your requirements then please tell us here. We will respond to all comments, enquiries and suggestions.

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